31 Weeks

Yay! I’m happy to report that all is well here in the Blanton baby-brewing household. They are still in and are still growing! The last report at the doctors office was that the boys were all doing well with strong heartbeats, and that I hadn’t dilated any more! It was very surreal hearing that because with all my contractions last week, I was prepared to be admitted to the hospital. When I got to leave with Chris, I was so happy!!!

After walking to the car in the heat (blech! pregnant women + heat = no good), I was huffing and puffing. (Chris didn’t make me walk all the way, just standing and holding a belly that weighs what feels like 40 lbs is enough to wear you out) I got into the car, and Chris gently takes me hand, sweetly looks at me and says, “How can I encourage you?….” (awwww, precious sweet hubby) “…because it looks like we are going to make it all the way!” I started cracking up! We know anything can change at any second, but at this point, he thinks, I think, mom thinks that we are going to make it not only to 32 weeks, but 34 weeks! (I can’t think beyond 34 weeks right now… my mind hits a brick wall)

We are sooo very thankful for all of your prayers and for your words of encouragement!!! I am so sorry if I haven’t returned phone calls recently. The boys are literally right under my lungs and it takes a lot out of me to talk on the phone. Please know that your calls mean so much to me, but if I don’t call you back it’s because I’m out of energy – not because I’ve become a hermit or don’t want to talk to you!!! Same goes for email/ comments… it’s hard to keep up with it all b/c my belly sits on my legs and the circulation gets cut off. (That is also why I have about 4 random posts – from Harper to visitors to something else that I haven’t finished yet) They will get done eventually. My priority right now is doing all I can to keep boys in and contractions away!

My Aunt Nean comes this Monday and I can’t wait to see her! I had some great visitors today – my friend Amy and all the Taylor girls came by to cheer me! It was great to see everyone!

Please pray for us this week:
– contractions to stay away
– boys to keep on putting on the pounds
– for me to rest well and keep my spirits up
– for fear to stay away regarding c-section and recovery

My Doctor is out of town this upcoming week, so she told me to cross my legs and not think about labor -ha ha! I really want her to deliver our boys, so they don’t have an option to come out this week!!! :-)

Thank you all once again for loving and supporting us through this… I can’t believe in less that a month I will be putting up pictures on this blog of Maverick, Warner, and Crews!

Alright, can’t feel my legs… signing off! :-)

ML, Chris, Harps, and the 3

11 thoughts on “31 Weeks

  1. Sweet Blantons –
    I have been keeping up with all of your blogs and walking the walk and praying for you and those three precious blessings you are carrying. You are doing great Mary Lindsey! We loved having Harper with us in VBS a few weeks ago, she is absolutly adorable. Can’t wait to meet the little Blanton boys. Love you and Chris bunches!
    Mrs. Mary (Sams)

  2. hey girl! just wanted to let you know we are praying and to let you know you can message me anytime if you have questions about c-section. I know it is different taking three out instead of one, but I’d be happy to answer any general questions you might have!

    much love,
    Kate Kolb

  3. Mary Lindsey, just checking in to see how you are doing! Wow, congrats on making it to 31 weeks… Your spirit and strength are amazing! (If you don’t mind, I’ll update the ladybugs on how well you are doing!)…
    All the best, Nina (from the Ovusoft Ladybugs)

  4. Hey girl…I will tell Susu hey for you. We read your blog so many times while we were at the beach. I absolutely love keeping up with you!!! I am so excited that you have made it to 31 weeks!!! You are in our prayers….and your sweet little boys. I loved looking at your pictures fom Nancy’s site. My favorite was the one of the four bunnies with the monograms on them! Claire has the bunny and Ava has the froggy and they are still their favorite things. I had them waiting for my girls just like you have waiting for your boys. Kiss Harper for me! Have a great weekend and I hope Chirs has a great Father’s Day!

  5. Mary Lindsey,
    What a wonderful spirit God has and continues to cultivate in you! These three baby boys are going to be so wonderfully blessed to have you as their mom. The end is in sight! Within a couple of weeks you will be holding your sweet sons and taking a deep breath again-yea!!

  6. You go girl!!What a great job you are doing carrying those three precious babies! I love to keep up with you with you updates. I will continue to pray; thanks for the specific requests! In my prayers, Nanci (Hostetter)

  7. I love the names! I want to encourage you about the c-section too. Dont worry or think about it! I had an emergency c-sec with my son, I know it isnt three babies… but it was ok and you will make it through. They will give you lots of medicine and rest to help you recuperate.

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