30 Weeks!!! – Updated

**Update** Well, after having contractions coming more often and kind of regular (every 5-7 minutes for about an hour or so, then they would stop, then start again), I called the doctor. She wanted me to come to the hospital to be monitored. It was our first adventure to the hospital, and I must say I am soooo thankful this is the first time I had to go. It wasn’t terrible by any means, just uncomfortable. Our nurses said that they were surprised this was my first time admitted to the hospital, and that I was doing great! :-)

(look at all the monitors… total of 4… craziness!)

It took forever to find all 3 boy’s heartbeats. We knew they had heartbeats because they were kicking like crazy. Baby B was easy to find… he is right in the middle and has no where to go. Baby C we found easy at first, but then I had to flip sides and we lost him on the monitor. We searched for Baby A for almost 30 minutes. Finally, after bringing out the ultrasound machine, we found him. Then, it took almost 20 minutes to find Baby C again. Once I was finally hooked up for a while, they had to see how all the babies did when I had contractions. They were doing fine, so I was given some medicine to stop the contractions. Then we had to wait an hour to see what the medicine did. The contractions never really stopped, but they did space out to 10 minutes apart. They left the choice to me to stay the night or go home. By that point, my back was killing me from the bed I had to lay on, so I decided to go home! I knew I would sleep better in my own bed than at the hospital.

So we packed up, drove to Arby’s, and then went home. I had a bite to eat and then fell asleep on the couch. We are thankful that the boys are still growing away! It was nice to have a trial run at the hospital and not have to stay. Dr. K doesn’t think I will go much past 32 weeks. She thinks 33-34 that I will deliver. I can handle that much better mentally right now.

Well, that’s about it… Chris has already been to the grocery store this morning and is now fixing me and the boys French Toast. He is the best hubby! I look forward to hanging out with him this weekend. Be back later for more posts…

Keep praying… I’m all the more motivated to make it to 32 weeks – at home – not in the hospital!!!!

Praise the Lord!!! We have made it to the 30’s!!! I feel like we’ve been in the 20’s forever! Only 2 more weeks to make it to the doctor’s first BIG TIME goal for me! I have been super-duper tired this past week, therefor, no posts. In fact, I tried to sit down and post earlier this morning and decided to take a nap instead. :-)

Let’s see… what to update on…

Went to the doctor on Tuesday with Crystal and Nancy since Chris was on a mission trip (in Nashville) until Wednesday night. It was so fun taking them because neither of them had seen an ultrasound before. They took all sorts of pictures of me in the waiting room, being scanned, and in the patient room. I felt like such a dork, but I’m glad I have those pictures. (I will included them later when Nancy sends them to me.)

Here is one of me in the patient room. I always sit in this chair b/c it is miserable sitting on the exam table… my hands and feet fall asleep, so I just sit there, and my Nurse Practitioner sits on the exam table. :-)

The ultrasound was good – the boys are doing great! I’m still doing well, although I am dilated to 1 cm and am 50 % effaced now. The NP said this doesn’t mean anything – I could walk around for weeks like this… it’s probably just a result from the weight of the boys.

I am thankful that everything is going well. Today I am home by myself. Harper has traveled to GA with JoJo and Grandy and will be back on Saturday or Sunday. ( I will post on this later) I’ve slept and enjoyed the quiet and spending time with the Lord. Chris and I will be able to hang out by ourselves for the next few days which I’m looking forward to! I plan to finish some posts I’ve been working on, and to take it easy and nap when I can.

Keep on praying for us! Only 2 more weeks until 32 weeks!!!! I know your prayers are giving me strength to get through each day. I won’t lie… it is getting harder and harder, but God is good and is helping me through!


9 thoughts on “30 Weeks!!! – Updated

  1. i totally had a dream i was pregnant last night, and i blame you for it. it wasn’t triplets though, just 1. anywho, i can relate to sam now! i feel like i know what you are going through! hahaha…

    i posted pics on my blog of the trip. take a looksie. LOVE you!

  2. That is awesome! Getting into the 30’s makes EVERYONE feel better. I was reading one of my neonatal books and they termed 28 weeks as extremely premature…so you’ve made it TWO WHOLE WEEKS past that. AWESOME! Hope these next two (maybe four?) weeks go quickly for you and that those boys grow, grow, grow!

  3. Fantastic making it to 30 weeks! I hope you can get the rest you need as you head towards 32 weeks :)

  4. Great job making it into the 30s!!! I can’t imagine how stir crazy you must be going with all the bedrest…but it does sound awfully exhausting cooking not 1, not 2, but 3 babies in there! Makes me tired just thinking about it! Will be praying that you make it to 32 weeks and then some!

  5. Wahoo!!!! 30 weeks is HUGE!!!! I am so proud of you and so happy that God has blessed you with His goodness in this way!

    Please post pictures of your time with Crystal and Nancy. I’m so glad that you had that special girl time!!!

    Love ya!

  6. you are beautiful inside and out. I just love you ML, and am so grateful for you and your precious family. Those boys (AND little Harps) have no idea how extremely ridiculously, crazy blessed they are to have a Mommy and Daddy like you and Mr. Blanton. Continuing to pray!
    Don’t forget I’m around if you need anything (seriously!!) I’ve got a camp the 22-26 at school during the day, but at night or weekends, I’m around! I’m a good grocery shopper and errand runner if you need anything…or just company to sit and be quiet with! :)

    Love ya’ll!!

  7. you are doing SO GREAT. i am so impressed by your constant good attitude! praise the Giver of good things for these three healthy boys!

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