26 weeks 4 days

First of all, congrats to my triplet mama friend, Kami, who gave birth to three healthy girls at 35 weeks!! They all weighed in around 5 lbs, and mama and girls are doing well! Kami has been such a blessing to me as we have walked through a lot of our pregnancies together. We are prayer warriors and encouragers to each other. Even though we live far apart, we hope one day we can have her 3 girls and our 3 boys meet!!!

We went to the doctor today, and had a good appointment! The boys are doing well. We got a quick glimpse of them as we checked their heartbeats – they looked great!!! I also had to do my last glucose test. I drink a super sugary drink that tastes like Hi-C fruit punch with extra sugar. I actually like it :-), most pregnant women do not. Then, I had to wait and hour and get my blood drawn. This is my third time doing this test, and hopefully last time! :-)

I then got to visit with the nurse practitioner. They did detect a *small* change in my cervix – nothing indicating labor- but, they did want to go ahead and give me the steroid shot. I had to get one today, and will go back tomorrow to get dose #2. Surprisingly, it didn’t hurt as bad as I thought it would!!! The needle length was a little frightening, but not too bad.

Then, I had to get my finger pricked – which hurt worse than the shot! hahah! They tested my blood glucose level to make sure the shot didn’t trigger a spike (as if there wasn’t a *spike* enough! ha!) But all turned out fine – Praise the Lord!

I now start going weekly to the Dr! This week really hit home with the boys’ arrival right around the corner! I’ll post in the next few days pics of the nursery and cribs! They are up and ready for babies! Even though we are getting closer and closer… keep praying that they boys will stay in until 32 weeks. It will be so much better for them and their health! Only 37 days until 32 weeks – we can do this!!! :-)

Oh, I will also be posting some hilarious Harper videos in the near future. Her little personality is developing so quickly, and she is the joy of our hearts!

Oh, funny little fact to close with… I was going through my pregnancy journal that I kept with Harper. A week before I gave birth I measured 45 inches around and had gained about 45 pounds. Well, I measured this week, and I am now 47 1/2 inches around and have gained about 45 pounds. Big ol’ belly…keep on growin’!!

One thought on “26 weeks 4 days

  1. Yay God! I am so glad that the boys (and the mama) are doing so well!!!! Praise the Lord that you passed your glucose test and that your body is handling this pregnancy so well! Isn’t it amazing how much your tummy can stretch to hold them all?!?

    I had the steriod shots at 28 weeks and I think they helped Nathan and Natalie tremendously. Even though they were born early, we never had any breathing or heart issues. I think the steriods were the key! Glad that they gave them to you…

    Love you and continuing to pray for you! Can’t wait to see pictures of your belly, the nursery, and of course Harper:)

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