I have been out of the blogging world for the last 2 weeks. I was having a tough time emotionally… all is well physically, though! A little background…

When I found out we were having triplets, I was so incredibly overwhelmed. I like to try to figure things out and wrap my mind around different challenges that come our way, but this was waaaaayyy too big for me. What I could wrap my mind around was being pregnant. I had done that before. After some research, I knew our first *big* goal was getting to 24 weeks.

I have loved these babies from the beginning, but I was also keeping my heart guarded. I knew that *anything* could happen at any point before 24 weeks, and we might lose one or all of the babies. At 24 weeks, the babies are viable and the doctors will fight to save them if they are born. Before then, they are just not physically developed enough for doctors to intervene. (Sorry, I know this is kind of depressing… hang on, it gets much better!) So, for the last 6 months, I’ve been focused on getting to this point and doing what I could to stay pregnant.

As I approached 24 weeks, I started feeling that anxiety rise up with in me again about having triplets. It is still hard to imagine and figure out how we are going to do this. Even though we have “sets of 3” things all over the house, it is weird to think we will have 3 babies. all. at. once. I know that we will do it, but trying to process it is pretty difficult. So, I have been doing a lot of thinking, planning, and seeking the Lord over the past 2 weeks and just haven’t felt like blogging.


After today, I have had a breath of fresh air – a confirmation from the Lord that HE is the one at work. (How crazy for me to doubt!) I’m just a little (well, rapidly growing) vessel for Him to use. And He promises He will not give us more that we can handle. It may not always seem like we can handle it, but bending our knees, admitting our weakness, seeking the Lord, pouring out our hearts is how we find the strength to move on.

So, why today was so amazing. We went to the doctor! And I am just amazed at our God. First off, my weight gain is going great, my blood pressure is perfect, there is no protein in my urine (gross yes… but this is such good news b/c my kidneys are working and supporting mama and the 3 boys). Then, we went to the ultrasound….

Baby A is head down. He is the most active one.. always kicking me like crazy. Well, do you know that he weighed in at 1 lb. 13 oz!!!! He is in the 65 percentile on a single baby’s chart!!! HUGE!

Baby B is breech. This baby likes to move after I eat about anything. He wasn’t too far behind his brother, and weighed in at 1 lb. 12 oz!!! He is in the 59th percentile!

Baby C is also breech. He is in a weird position, laying diagonal across my belly. He weighed in at 1 lb. 10 oz.!!! And he is in the 51st percentile!

We also saw all of them moving and kicking. At one point while we were trying to get pictures of them, Baby A started drinking. At a certain point in pregnancy, babies start practicing swallowing, and we could see Baby A opening and closing his mouth, as well as sticking out his tongue. It was amazing.

Then, I had my appointment with my doctor, and everything ‘down below’ is closed up tight! This is such wonderful news because I have been having more contractions – irregular, but more of them. And, contractions can start preparing your body for delivering a baby. Not yet though!!!

Once again, Jesus displayed his power to us by showing us he is watching these boys, is growing them himself, and is sustaining and causing my body to thrive! In some ways this pregnancy has been easier than my pregnancy with Harper. I have nothing to worry about… not even about how we will do this or raise them. He will give us the strength and ability to do this.

He is good! Do not doubt Him. There was a time when I questioned if Jesus even saw my heartache. He does. He did. He sees yours. Speak to Him. He is listening and wants to answer you… maybe not in the way you want Him to answer, but trust me when I say that His answer and His way is SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH better than our ways! When you get to know the heart of God, there is nothing to fear!

Thank you for your prayers, I will try to update more! :-) Next Goal: 28 weeks… May 28th (only 23 days away)

Oh, and here is a belly pic. I’m now measuring at 40 weeks. Wowza!

18 thoughts on “24w5d

  1. Girl, thank you for posting this. My heart has been hurting the last few days for my own private battle I’m fighting, and your encouragement was very well timed!

    You look BEAUTIFUL and I am sooooo excited for this great milestone you’ve made it to!

    Love ya!

  2. I’m so glad you are back blogging… I love hearing everything that’s going on with you!!! You are doing so great keeping those 3 boys so healthy!

  3. HI Mary Lindsey, I love your honesty about your thoughts toward our Father. I have learned that answers only come when we ask God the hard questions and then our faith is strenthed for the next thing! Praying for all 5 of you. Sounds like it is ok for me to bring by some more treats one day soon! Sarah H.

  4. I love you minki! you are such a HOT mama. i mean, i know you are like always hot, temperature wise, but you are a HOTTIE! 😉 when i’m pregnant one day you better believe i will be calling you with every question and every emotional rollercoaster i’m on… because you will understand! i LOVE you and i’m so proud of you! don’t get off the couch, eat, eat, and eat. be a 5*star hotel for these boys! love you!

  5. ML,

    You made it to 24 weeks!!!! Hallelujiah, praise the Lord. I understand the emotional roller coaster that you have been on. But thank you for your transparency before us and the Lord. How much you have learned about Him and His goodness through all of this!

    And I can’t believe how big those boys are. You are doing a great job growing them, and I still can’t believe how darn cute you look!

    Continuing to pray! You can do it girl, with God’s strength!

  6. It can be quite an emotional ride being pregnant with triplets – it comes with a great deal of panic trying to figure out how you are going to take care of 3 babies at once, and wondering if they are even going to make it to viability. You are holding up great for 25 weeks and so happy to hear you are getting more prepared emotionally for their arrival. I couldn’t quite wrap my head around 3 babies until I saw them – then all my fears disappeared! They are an amazing gift.

  7. ML, you are SO encouraging…I read your words and have no doubt that you and Chris will be amazing parents to these 4 children. I will continue to pray that you reach each and every pregnancy milestone with the same grace and trust in our Creator that you have thus far. Grow babies grow!

  8. ML, Thank you! I really needed to be reminded of how much Jesus loves and takes care of his kids today! You have always been such a beautiful reminder for me. Keep on growing your babies, and girlie, you really do look amazing! Love you.

  9. I absolutely love reading your blog!! Thank you for the update and the reminder of how important it is to lean on Christ for EVERYTHING! Our God is amazing and does great and mighty things! My husband and I have been praying for you and we have our whole young adults ministry here in VA praying for you guys.

    Rebecca Calhoun

  10. All wonderful news.

    Never doubt Him. I never once, not for one minute stressed or doubted that I would not make full term and we did, without a hiccup. The Lord carried us all there so easily.

    Just always remind yourself to give it ALL to Him and just let your body do, what He has miraculously designed it to do.

    I was even cleaning my house 2 days before my c section at 36 weeks.

    God and Mr. Clean is GREAT!

    You look FANTASTIC :)

  11. Thank you for the sweet reminder of Who holds all of this in HIS hands. As an overwhelmed “incubator” of one sweet lil God given fetus, I needed to hear it!

  12. Was just thinking about you today! So glad to hear the babies are doing well. What a gift! Praying that the weeks go quickly. Thanks for sharing how the Lord is moving.

  13. Mary Lindsey
    What a joy to read your postings and to watch your pictures as your tummy grows.
    You are so right that we try to wrap our finite minds around God’s infinite wisdom and then we sit back and go – hmmmm, God was in control all along what was I thinking?
    Keep up the good job at being pregnant –
    Love to you all,

  14. Girl… thanks for the blog post. Stuff I definitely needed to hear today and remember… even when I’m not pregnant! You really look amazing :) So glad you and the boys are all doing great. Thanks for sharing your heart. Love to you.

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