20 Weeks and a Detour to the Doctors

Thursday the babies turned 20 weeks!!!! This means I’m OVER half way there! Yay! 20 weeks was a big milestone, as it is ‘easy’ to lose a baby before then. We are so thankful that all three are doing so well.

Next Milestones…
* April 30 – 24 weeks – Babies have a 50-70% chance to live outside the womb (if born).
* May 28 – 28 weeks – Viability of babies increases to 95%!!
*June 25- Doctor’s goal for us to make it to… we’re going to do it!!!

Here is my 20 week belly pic…

And here is a comparison picture of when I was pregnant with Harper. The closest one I could find was when I was 22 weeks…

I think it is quite funny that almost everyone I see says, “You aren’t that big for carrying triplets.” First of all, I don’t know how to take this… I feel huge, but yet when they say this it boost my self-esteem and makes me feel “little.” But, then I get discouraged, too because I’m working so hard to grow big babies!!! Although, I’ve gained 23 pounds!!! Yay!!!

I started to work on this post this morning, when I started getting more and more contractions. I usually don’t get any contractions until the evening, so I started getting concerned. Last night, I had one whopper contraction and it scared me, but nothing followed it, so I drank lots of a water and went to bed. I called the nurse practitioner, and she wanted me to come in just to make sure. (Which put my mind to ease!)

The good news is I’m fine and so are the babies! I got a very quick ultrasound by Hannah – my very FAVORITE u/s tech- to check the heartbeats, and she just had to know the sex of the babies…hahaha – see why I love her so much?!? Anyway, it was confirmed that there are 3 boys! I also had a ton of tests run, which was good, and I do have an “infection” – I’ll just leave it at that. But, I have antibiotics and will be fine! So, PRAISE THE LORD!!! I am to take it easy this weekend, and be “The Queen” (as my nurse practitioner told Chris and Harper – ha!) So, my feet are up and I’m drinking LOTS of water while Chris and Harper play on the floor.

We go in next Tuesday, the 7th, for our detailed ultrasound. Please pray that all is well with each little boy, and we can continue a smooth pregnancy. Also, pray that I do well during the scan – that I don’t get sick or pass out since I have to lay on my back for about 1 1/2 hours.

Have a great weekend! Thank you for your prayers! We love you!

PS… I will do a post on my AWESOME shower that our church gave us. For now, I have to go lay down.

8 thoughts on “20 Weeks and a Detour to the Doctors

  1. You look amazing, I can’t believe you are growing 3 beautiful boys in there!! Love your updates keep them coming!!

  2. So glad you and the babies are okay!
    You look great, and 23 pounds is really great!!!!
    We are praying for you and the triplets!!

    Melissa and Family

  3. So glad you got checked out! Keep doing so if you ever don’t feel right. YAY on 20 weeks! You look great by the way!

  4. I haven’t been on your blog in a while and I’m just now realizing you are having TRIPLET BOYS!!!!!! Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!
    Congratulations – how wonderful! You look amazing!!!
    Do you have names picked out yet? I’m so excited for you!

  5. Hey girlie, You are glowing!!! it must be all the love you are growing inside. I know your pregnancy is a lot different than mine for many reasons, but if it gives you any consolation, I have been having fairly serious contractions since about 14 weeks. The doctors have assured and reassured me that everything is fine. I will keep praying for your little boys and for Miss Harper–and you!

  6. i’m so glad to hear you’re all healthy! are you thinking names yet? i would be tempted to do all three names with the same letter or something like that… i’m too much of a sucker for monograms not to! :)

  7. You look adorable, ML! I’m glad everything is going well! I’m looking forward to Tuesday to hear about your ultrasound.. I can’t wait to see my little girl too! You are a gorgeous pregnant lady! ;o)

  8. Oh, ML, I am so glad that everything is okay! When you wrote on FB, “After an eventful day…” I thought, oh know! Glad to know that it is just an infection, everyone is fine, and that you are back home resting!

    PS. I agree with all those who said that you look great for carrying 3 babies! You are halfway there and looking awesome!

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