2 days and Counting

At peace. This is the best way to describe how I am feeling. We are almost done with everything in the house, and tomorrow I will finish packing my bags. We went to our LAST Dr’s appointment today. I still feel like I will be going back every week to visit them. I will miss all of our friends that we made there!

My Sweet Nurses… Jackie and Gabby – I LOVE THEM! (If I look tired… I am. Sleep doesn’t come as easy these days, but I guess it is the Lord’s way of helping us adjust!)

Next stop, my friend, the scale… I had to get a picture of me standing on it b/c we were sure I wouldn’t fit by the end. Well, I was barely hanging on, but I made it. When I was actually being weighed, my belly hit the bar. I had to scoot back a little for the picture.

Next stop is ultrasound room, but they don’t allow pictures in there. :-( So, I just skipped them. But I love all the u/s techs just the same! They are the busy bees of the office… that is why I don’t have any pics with them. The “guesstimated” weights today only had a 12% accuracy, so we cant’ bank much on them! She couldn’t even get to Baby A’s head b/c he was waaaaaaayyyyy low down! Baby B & C were very squished, and not all the parts were accurately measured. The good thing is that they are all w/in a pound of each other and they were doing everything they were supposed to be doing!!! Here are the guess weights for now… isn’t it awesome to know we will KNOW their REAL weights on Thursday?!?!

Baby A – 5.5
Baby B – 4.10
Baby C – 4.11

Next stop is to the patient rooms where I see either Tracie or Cindy, my nurse practitioners. They are my girls and have coached and cheered me through this pregnancy!!! We love them! Today I got a final booster steroids shot – yay! These boy’s lungs should be doing well!!1 We seriously could bring 3… THREE…3 babies home with us… WOWEE!!!

And finally, here is the woman who will deliver our boys… Dr. Kang!!! She is such a great doctor with a WONDERFUL bedside manor! She gives me a hug every time I see her and tells me that I am doing such a wonderful job! SO ENCOURAGING!!! (don’t you like how Chris and I match?!? We have matched on several occasions to the Dr’s office. We don’t plan it, but the nurses think it is so funny!)

Today, she walked me through everything to expect for Thursday. I like to know what is happening to me, so there aren’t any surprises. She went over every little detail, and I’m sooo excited to meet Maverick, Warner, and Crews!

I’ve broken several rules this past week b/c I knew the boys would be making their debut anyway. On Sunday, I went to church. O to be in the presence of other believers worshipping was such a blessing. I’ve missed church so much, and I look forward to when I can return (don’t know when that will be yet)!!!

Then Monday morning, I started by going to get Harper out of her crib. I nearly cried at being able to hold my sweet girl and snuggle with her in the morning. We have done lots of snuggling and holding. I think she has missed it just as much as I have!!! She has called on me so much more this past week, and does her little happy dance when she sees me. I’ve missed her so much, and I look forward to healing after my c-section so that I can be her momma again – just as much as I am the boy’s momma! I know that our hands will be quite full, but our hearts will be overflowing!!!

I’m working on some more posts that I hope I feel well enough to get up tonight or tomorrow. I’m determined to! :-) In the meantime, here is my big ol’ belly for now…
Week 33

Breaking the Rules & Our Family of 6 – my face looks huge! hahaha

Week 34 & 5 days

10 thoughts on “2 days and Counting

  1. Oh ML, I am so very excited and happy for you! As everyone has mentioned you amazing and so very full of love. I would be breaking the rules too–it is torture to not cuddle the little ones. I am praying for you and so excited for Thursday! Lots and lots of love.


  2. OH you look AMAZING. I can’t believe in 2 days you will have your boys with you. UNBELIEVABLE. What a great mommy you are!!

  3. Wow, you are a miracle mommy! So happy for you and Chris to be within days of meeting your boys. Please know you are in our prayers and we anxiously await pictures (I know Nancy won’t let us down!). And by the way, you look AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL!

  4. How exciting! God has truly carried you through. It doesn’t sound, barring anything unexpected, like your boys should really have to be in the hospital for too long. Yay! Prayers for you and your family and doc on Thursday! Can’t wait to see pictures of your bigger family (with faces of all six!). :-)

  5. MaryLindsey, I know you dont know me much, I went to school at NRCA and was a few years behind you… but I have been following your blog every week. Your story is AMAZING and your going to do awesome at this triplet mommy thing. This post nearly brought me to TEARS I am so happy you have made it this far, you look so beautiful! I cant wait to see pics of those boys!!!

  6. Amazing, Mary Lindsey! You have carried these boys so much longer than I think anyone could expect for a triplet pregnancy! And you look fantastic! I can’t wait to meet them through pictures in just a few days!

    PS. Do you have any pictures of their nursery? I would love to see what you’ve done!!!! Love you!


    i am so glad you posted these pics. seriously, you look GREAT. I can’t believe you are carrying 15LBS of BABIES!!! SO SO proud of you minks!

  8. I am so excited the boys are about to make their big debut!! Praying for you in these last hours…and praying for you as you begin your new journey of 6 in a just a few short days!!!

    BAHHHH!! How great is the journey God provides!! I LOVE IT!!

    And all 6 of you!


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