14 Week Update…

How far along? 14 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: Yikes! I’m in denial! I think like 7 lbs! My goal for this pregnancy is 30 lbs. So, with that said, I have 26 weeks left… Even if I gain a pound a week, I’m over – oh no! Well, I guess thats not too bad. i will be at 33 pounds gained. But this will motivate me to start walking more!

Maternity clothes? Completely! They are in full swing. I cleaned out my closet and stored the clothes that I can’t wear for a while.

Stretch marks? I found a couple of white ones on my right hip! I lotion up all the time! Maybe they won’t get too bad… at least I hope I don’t get the purple ones.

Sleep: It is getting a little better. I only got up once in the middle of the night last night! That is very good!

Best moment this week: Feeling the baby move!

Worst moment this week: Gagging all day long. Nothing comes up, but I will randomly gag – especially about 10 minutes after eating. So weird and quiet annoying!

Movement: Well, I’ve been feeling little flutter on and off, but I can say that I really think I felt the baby move last night after I got up and went to the potty. I came back and laid down and I just felt these bubbles/flutter over and over again in the same spot. I really think it was the baby.

Food cravings: Not so much. I’ve become a very picky eater!

Gender prediction: I still say girl. Chris still says boy. We could possibly find out next week!!!! Especially if it is a boy!

Labor Signs: thank goodness no :)

Belly Button in or out? Still in, but becoming more shallow. :-)

Wedding rings on or off? Still on, but on certain days I have to take off my engagement ring b/c it gets too tight. It is a little smaller than my wedding band.

Weekly Wisdom: Clean out things now while you have the time! Get other rooms ready and get rid of junk!

Milestones: 1. Feeling the baby move!

Looking forward to next week: Hearing the heart beat! Meeting a midwife. Seeing the baby again! Possibly finding out if it is a girl or boy!!!