12 Week Survey… (well almost)

Sorry I haven’t updated in a while. I was out of town in NC visiting mom and nancy (sister). Didn’t have any time to update so… here it goes…

How far along? 11 Weeks 5 days

Total weight gain/loss: Don’t know… haven’t weighed in a while… and I’m certainly not weighing at 9:42 at night – after eating a cupcake. Mmmmmm…. :-)

Maternity clothes? I wore my first maternity dress on Sunday. I just feel more comfy in maternity clothes. However, I still try to wear my regular shorts (which I can’t button,but I use a rubberband on to hold them together) because it is so hot right now. I don’t want to buy any shorts b/c the majority of my preggy stage will be in the winter.

Stretch marks? Not yet!! Hopefully not at all – my mom or aunt didn’t get them!

Sleep:Well, it is too hot to enjoy sleep. I’ve turned the a/c down to as low as Chris will let me. I can not wait until it is winter! Right now I don’t think I will turn on the heat until the baby arrives! I feel so much better when it is cold!

Best moment this week: Buying maternity clothes with mom last week. I’ve got some really cute pieces that will last me through the winter. Also, a friend of mine gave me her maternity clothes, so I feel like I’ve gotten a new wardrobe! That’s fun!

Movement: Not yet, but hopefullly soon! Maybe a month or so b/f I can feel him/her!

Food cravings: Food is getting better. Nothing is great to me, except for that cupcake I ate a few minutes ago. That was delish! After I eat, I get this wretched taste in my mouth, though. I have to go brush my teeth or the taste alone will make me get nauseous.

Gender prediction: I’ve had some dreams that it is a girl. I’m so curious to find out!

Labor Signs: thank goodness no :)

Belly Button in or out? still in But my tummy is starting to round out. I spent the last week with Nancy, and she pointed out that my tummy was so tight and didn’t have any wrinkles or rolls in it when I sat down. I hadn’t noticed – i just felt fat, but it did make it seem a little more real. I can tell my tummy has grown more this week.

Wedding rings on or off? Still on….

Weekly Wisdom: Drink water as much as possible! and enjoy this time with family. It hits me every now and then – our family is going to change big time in 6 months!

Milestones: 1. Going to Babies R Us with Mom and starting to plan what we will need. 2. Talking Chris into finding out the sex of the baby! I’m dying to know!

2 thoughts on “12 Week Survey… (well almost)

  1. aww minks! i love this. sometimes i forget about it, but i get so excited to read updates!

    it’s hard to believe how many changes are going on in our family’s life. i love you and am praying for you!!!

    can’t wait to meet him/her! can’t wait for your tummy to be huge! yay!


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